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Travel articles

  • Lazy Stayz Raglan
    Jul16Comments 1

    Lazy Stayz Raglan

    You need a home everywhere

  • Does your property need a map?
    Jun28Comments 0

    Does your property need a map?

    Designing the maps for Blue Duck

  • Blue Duck Station memento
    Jun25Comments 4

    Blue Duck Station memento

    About Life and Death

  • Earthship in New Zealand
    Jun23Comments 6

    Earthship in New Zealand

    Build your home in a hill

  • Greetings from the mayor
    May29Comments 2

    Greetings from the mayor

    Ambassadors of Dortmund

  • Remote beaches of New Zealand
    May21Comments 5

    Remote beaches of New Zealand

    Auckland regional park

  • Vipassana meditation retreat
    May18Comments 1

    Vipassana meditation retreat

    10 days and 12 hours a day

  • The wisdom in a surfer town
    May04Comments 8

    The wisdom in a surfer town

    Raglans ways of living


Health and balance with our tutorials

  • Wudang Taiji

    Taiji from the Sanfeng Pai school of the Wudang mountains.

  • Aotearoa Qigong

    Enjoy the fabulous landscapes of New Zealand and relax doing Qigong along with us.

  • Secret Elements Qi-Gong

    The first DVD to the Secret Elements Qi Gong system.

  • Standing meditation

    Standing Meditation Qi Gong in Chinese Train on the way to the Wudang mountains.