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Travel articles

  • From finance to meditation
    May12Comments 0

    From finance to meditation

    Tom Cronin

  • Rooftop garden paradise
    Mar09Comments 0

    Rooftop garden paradise

    20 years of urban farming in Bangkok

  • Old ruins of Champa culture
    Mar05Comments 4

    Old ruins of Champa culture

    or the lessons of history

  • Vietnamese mountain people
    Feb13Comments 2

    Vietnamese mountain people

    A Vietnamese handicraft tale

  • Aboriginal tradition in Germany
    Dec21Comments 1

    Aboriginal tradition in Germany

    Coreeda back at home

  • Reincarnation research
    Dec09Comments 0

    Reincarnation research

    Do we have a past life?

  • Teaching Qi Gong in Vietnam
    Dec01Comments 0

    Teaching Qi Gong in Vietnam

    New teachers in Hanoi

  • The Tofu Movie
    Nov04Comments 0

    The Tofu Movie

    How Tofu is made


Health and balance with our tutorials

  • Wudang Taiji

    Taiji from the Sanfeng Pai school of the Wudang mountains.

  • Aotearoa Qigong

    Enjoy the fabulous landscapes of New Zealand and relax doing Qigong along with us.

  • Secret Elements Qi-Gong

    The first DVD to the Secret Elements Qi Gong system.

  • Standing meditation

    Standing Meditation Qi Gong in Chinese Train on the way to the Wudang mountains.